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Featured Partners Series – Meat & Potatoes

WebSight Design is fortunate to work with a handful of incredibly talented people and companies that enhance and escalate production and presentation of our clients’ sites. Combining efforts and experience results in high-quality, highly functional websites, using less time and resources. One of our oldest partners is Meat and Potatoes; their name suggests their persona –  strong and to the point. A boutique multidisciplinary design...

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If You’re Going to Go Down, Go Down Well – and Get Back Up Quickly. GoDaddy Shows Us How.

As a website design and website hosting company, we were definitely paying attention to GoDaddy over this past week. Last Monday started out with an announcement that GoDaddy, the world’s largest host of secure websites, had been hacked, causing a massive service outage to a portion of their 5 million hosted sites and related services.  GoDaddy, unable to use regular modes of communicating with their...

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Kristin Kimball Cultivates an Online Following with KristinKimball.com

With the WSD launch of KristinKimball.com, Kristin takes us on an adventure into the world of community supported agriculture (CSA) and Essex Farm. It features a stylized design with user experience at its core. Including a blog, events page, and information about Kristin Kimball, the website was created in support of Essex Farm and Kristin's book, The Dirty Life.

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