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Case Study: Carlos Santana iPhone App

About a month ago, WebSight Design released our first iPhone application, (http://itunes.com/app/Santana), for the musician Carlos Santana. I thought it might be interesting and maybe even helpful for others iPhone developers if I listed some of my experiences with building this application. I figure I would describe the application (features, etc…), and illustrate some of the pitfalls I encountered throughout the development process and how...

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I’ve Fallen In Love… Her Name is Cocoa!

I’ve recently *really* been getting into Cocoa development for both the MacOSX and the iPhone. Can I just say that Cocoa, (especially Cocoa Touch), ROCKS!!! I am in the middle of building a soon-to-be-published app for the Apple App Store. I forgot how much I loved writing C code. Objective-C is really a nice, simple and clean language. I’ll be posting some tutorials on it...

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