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Have A Pressing Question? Use The New Mahalo Answers iPhone App!

For the ones who are unfamiliar with this service, Mahalo Answers is a human-powered search engine and a knowledge sharing service, helping people on the Internet quickly find the best possible information on any topic since 2007.  Mahalo, with the help of WebSight Design, just launched a new iPhone application that will provide the same services as Mahalo Answers does, for the iPhone! With this new...

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iPhone OS v3.0 – Lotta New Goodies

I was really excited by the news of the new iPhone OS v3.0 announced last week. Copy-and-Paste aside, there are a lot of less-talked-about features that I find pretty cool and crucial to the advancement of the platform: Peer-to-Peer Connectivity over Bluetooth This is a feature that I thought seemed so obvious to have baked in. With Peer-to-Peer connectivity, you are now given the ability...

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I’ve Fallen In Love… Her Name is Cocoa!

I’ve recently *really* been getting into Cocoa development for both the MacOSX and the iPhone. Can I just say that Cocoa, (especially Cocoa Touch), ROCKS!!! I am in the middle of building a soon-to-be-published app for the Apple App Store. I forgot how much I loved writing C code. Objective-C is really a nice, simple and clean language. I’ll be posting some tutorials on it...

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