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Find Everything Historic is Making History

Find Everything Historic home page with new listings

Just six months after Find Everything Historic launched its website, Peter and Meggen Taylor’s exciting startup has taken some incredible strides. To commemorate their first year in business, we're celebrating their most impressive successes.

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Featured Partners Series – Meat & Potatoes

WebSight Design is fortunate to work with a handful of incredibly talented people and companies that enhance and escalate production and presentation of our clients’ sites. Combining efforts and experience results in high-quality, highly functional websites, using less time and resources. One of our oldest partners is Meat and Potatoes; their name suggests their persona –  strong and to the point. A boutique multidisciplinary design...

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Usability: Know Your Target Audience

When it comes to design, the web has another dimension that design for print doesn’t: usability. Visitors to a web site need to know where to click, and how to find what they want, all while being actively engaged in the visual experience that represents the company, person, or people the web site is for. dissertation guide Instead of just opening a brochure and seeing...

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