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Website Typography: Tips and Best Practices


Typography, the art and technique of arranging type, is a key component of a website’s mood and message. When considering typography, there are several important style elements that will accentuate your brand identity and make your website “pop.”

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Next Level Microsoft: Goodbye Office & Exchange 2003

It’s hard to believe that 2003 was over ten years ago. It’s even harder to believe that some people are still using software from over ten years ago. Microsoft 2003 users are in for a big change soon; and a BIG surprise if they haven’t been taking note of all of the chatter about Microsoft ending support for Windows XP, Office 2003 and Exchange Server...

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Google App Misfiled Messages

Are you a dedicated Gmail user? Did the important email from your coworker never show up in your inbox? It and many other unexpected emails may be incorrectly placed in Trash, Spam, or other misleading folders. An issue in Gmail was caused when a bug was found in a Gmail software update on January 15th. The issue was fixed on January 21st, so the week...

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Popular Hacks in 2013 & How to Protect from Hackers

Hacking has played as much a role in 2013 as ever before. WSD takes threats to our clients very seriously and we take great care to ensure the highest level of protection from hacking available. The term hacker typically conjures up an image of a teenager at a cluttered desk, surrounded by cigarette butts and lit by the dim light of four or five computer...

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The End of an Era: Microsoft Ends Support for Windows XP

Alas, Microsoft has announced its cease of support for Windows XP and Office 2003. Windows XP was launched in 2001 as Microsoft’s first consumer-oriented operated system. A year after XP’s launch, Microsoft introduced it’s Support Lifecycle policy, which includes 10 years of support (5 years mainstream and 5 years extended) of their product.  With this policy in place, it is time that Microsoft retires support...

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