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Epitomyze: Advancements in Clinical Photography and Telemedicine

before and after - clinical photography

Medical practitioners have been visually capturing and documenting patients’ progress since the early ages of photography. Whether for research and discovery or monitoring treatment progression, clinical photography has long played a vital role within the medical field.  When Freddy Jones, CEO of Epitomyze Inc, entered the clinical photography field in 2005, there were few affordable solutions on the market. Through his extensive work within the dental field,...

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CenturyLink Outage Disrupts Access to Amazon, Hulu, Reddit, PlayStation Network, etc

If you had trouble accessing some of your favorite applications on Sunday, you weren’t alone. According to CNN, Cloudflare, and ZDNet, on Sunday, August 30, 2020, CenturyLink, a major internet service provider, experienced an outage that impacted Cloudflare, Amazon, Hulu, The PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Reddit, Feedly, Discord, and many other online internet services.

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Golden Video Gaming Expands to Pennsylvania

Websites have long been a marketing cornerstone for large publicly traded companies and small local businesses – acting as a digital connection; many companies search online for inspiration and awareness of new and evolving business opportunities.   The new Golden Video Gaming Technology (VGT) Services website is an excellent example of a business to business marketing site explicitly developed to help drive awareness of new business...

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