About Us

WebSight Design, Inc. is a web engineering and creative design agency based in Sausalito, California. This blog is our way of sharing the knowledge we’ve gained from over a decade of serving clients. When it comes to web sites, we mean business!


What we do

Development: Whether you need a marketing web site, an e-commerce solution, or even a social networking site, our web development is second to none. We believe strongly in the value of comprehensive upfront planning so we can create a detailed specifications document from which the design, engineering and SEO teams can successfully develop your web site. We’re based in Marin County, California, but our Development Team has helped clients all across the country.

Design: We communicate messages through compelling user interface design. With our talent in your corner, your web site can become not just a pretty picture, but a powerful marketing tool.

Digital Marketing: Internet marketing has evolved dramatically in the digital age of search engines and social media. Social conversation and real-time online interaction with a company’s customer base have become increasingly more crucial to a business’s success. We utilize an array of marketing strategies to solidify our clients’ brand and fortify their online reputation, including SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, and reputation management.

Mobile Development: Bringing rich powerful solutions to smaller devices takes experience and a deep understanding of platform differences in this ever-emerging environment. WebSight Design brings our 17+ years of knowledge and experience building and designing for the web to the mobile arena. We specialize in iPhone and Android development. As the mobile arena heats up, we will be there to help broaden its adoption, strengthen its appeal and help with the practical integration across many industries.

Hosting: In addition to providing php web hosting solutions to our web design and development clients, we offer a full range of dedicated and virtual web server hosting solutions, with 24 hour support. On-site support is available, too!

Media:  Our team provides outstanding creative and technical expertise to deliver a powerful, intuitive user experience. We offer professional audio, video, and interactive graphics, and back them up with strong web development. We test on multiple platforms, browsers and hand held devices to guarantee stability and usability of the finished product.

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