Napa Valley Community Church Launches a New Mobile Forward Website

Nestled in the heart of California’s Napa Valley, is the charming, community-centric Napa Valley Community Church. Initially established in 1983, Napa Valley Community Church focuses on serving local and worldwide parishioners’ needs through its physical location in combination with video and website resources.


Inspired by the growing need to connect and serve parishioners online, Pastor Dave Buurma engaged WSD to develop a new mobile forward website that was easy to use and update.

With Napa Valley Community Church’s previous website needing a complete redesign, WSD had the opportunity to create a new online presence with more modern usability. 


Providing full-service web design, development, cloud VPS hosting, and mobile services – WSD built and launched the new site on June 23, 2020.

The new now has a fresh new look, modern mobile experience, and content management system – making it easy for staff to update page content quickly and for parishioners to connect with resources online. 

An Ongoing Client Relationship

As a previous business acquaintance, Dave Buurma worked closely with WSD in the past to develop, a property management website affiliated with Compass – the leading luxury real estate brand in Northern California. 

We are always excited to see a familiar face and happy to have the opportunity to serve our business partners throughout their journeys. 

About WSD

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