Fieve Clinical: Website Redesign

Fieve Clinical Redesign

Left Side: Old Homepage, Right Side: New Homepage

On September 15th, 2016 WebSight Design launched a new site for long time client Fieve Clinical. Fieve Clinical is a private research center in New York City that specializes in clinical research and the study of treatments in therapeutic areas including: Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Neurology/Pain Management, and Immunology. Fieve Clinical Research (FCR) was started by Vanessa Fieve in 2010, after managing Fieve Clinical Services, founded by her father Ronald R. Fieve in 1983.

WebSight Design is pleased to have maintained a 15+ year relationship with Fieve Clinical — we launched the original Fieve Clinical site in 2001! The new site has been redesigned and developed from the ground up. Visitors can find out detailed information about the research conducted by Fieve Clincal, as well as sign up for applicable clinical studies via an integration with a 3rd party clinical trial registration and management software called Infusion Soft. Additionally, the new website utilizes WebSight Design’s content management system (CMS), so the client can easily administer content updates.  

Ease of access to the facility is a major selling point for Fieve Clinical, so the website’s design has a visual focus on New York City, and highlights Fieve Clinical’s proximity to Grand Central Station. Drop-down menus make each page accessible from every other page. There is a large website footer with an embedded Google Map and directions to the clinic by car, subway, train, and bus. Navigating your way to Fieve Clinical is a as easy as navigating the new website.

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