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alexbeardWe like to think that web development is an art form- the combination of the intricate code, the strategic design, the conscious content, and the precise programming. We like to think we are artists. However, our work is unparalleled to Alex Beard’s artwork– a delectable combination of abstract characters, swirling sensations, and natural scenes. Bright colors and detailed patterns catch the eye and Beard’s style lures you in and tells a story.

Alex Beard’s story is one to hear. His inspiration comes from not just one place but from his childhood, his extensive travels, art mediums, and from the inner-workings of his mind. Alex had a creative childhood surrounded by politics and pop-art. He took from the interesting and influential people that surrounded him and learned not drawing techniques, but that with hard work and dedication he could pursue art as a life path.

Beard’s path has taken him through art schools and shows in Boston, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, and more. He has developed his own pattern and his own place in the artistic realm. Beard’s artwork portfolio is astonishing; from fine art to children’s art, he has created an “Abstract Naturalism” style and is considered a visual mathematician, highly compared to the works of M.C. Escher.

Today Beard owns a studio open to the public in New Orleans, a community that is welcoming and accepting of a multitude of art forms. The studio is a place of interaction between artist and audience, a place where the conversation between creator and consumer is encouraged. Through his work, and his website, Alex also encourages the support of the Watering Hole Foundation for preservation of the wildlife and wilderness that is slowly depleting.

WSD designed Beard’s website in a simplistic form, allowing his art and illustrations to bring the pages to life. His artwork is differentiated online as paintings, drawings, and archived work. Fall in love with a piece? No problem – you can shop Beard’s artwork online and have it delivered to your door. Decide between fine art prints, children’s art paintings, books, puzzles, and stationery; apps to come soon.

This was an inspiring and enjoyable website to develop. WSD supports all art forms and loves being able to make them come alive online and available to art lovers near and far.

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