SF Parent Inc. – Real Solutions for Real Parents

sfparentincSF Parent Inc. provides¬†“real solutions for real parents”. What could be better? An honest, safe, and trustworthy community of real people talking about real issues that are commonly faced yet uncommonly spoken of.

Deborah Mitchell, Ph.D., Cheryl Jacobs, LMFT, and Denise Cooper combine their knowledge and years of experience to provide an opportunity for parents to learn parenting methods and problem solving techniques from professionals. SF Parent Inc. offers individual consultations, tailored workshops and even a 6-week skills-based parent group to tackle the most challenging circumstances.

SF Parent Inc.’s ¬†parenting beliefs outline their mission and passions- supporting a child’s development and helping parents guide their children to a happy and meaningful life. SF Parent Inc. has raving testimonials from real people who have seen real results.

WSD provided SF Parent Inc. a clean site with a calm feel, setting the tone of the welcoming community they bestow. The site provides the backgrounds of the leaders and allows visitors to learn about the organization and those who will be guiding this process. A blog for San Francisco parents provides workshop information, local events, and tips and tricks for parenting in the Bay Area as well as around the world. Links to SF Parent Inc’s social media sites are also listed, allowing visitors easy access to join the community on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

WSD is happy to provide this new site for SF Parent Inc. and we hope their knowledge is spread throughout the local community as well as far and wide. There can never be enough parenting proficiency; children are the future leaders of the world.



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