Twitter’s Monthly Searches Exceeds that of Yahoo! and Bing

Beaten only the ‘King of Search’ Google, Twitter is logging an astonishing 25+ billion searches per month. In fact, at less than thirty percent of Google’s monthly search volume, Twitter still handles more then two and a half times that of Yahoo! and about 6.3 times that of Bing. Search engine queries are as follows:

Search Engine Global Monthly Searches
Google >85 Billion
Twitter >25.5 Billion
Yahoo! ~9.5 Billion
Bing ~4 Billion

This data includes all searches run by each search engine. In other words, any image search, YouTube search, etc. would count towards Google’s monthly searches. In fact searches on the website are technically significantly lower, but the vast array of applications and other websites which implement Twitter API calls, or queries of the Twitter database for direct reporting and use at another web location, drive a significantly higher Twitter monthly search data point.

Twitter Down Due to Search Volume Screenshot

Twitter monthly searches are based on their system of social network microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text posts, or Tweets, of up to 140 characters. This huge search volume may very well have inspired Google’s newest change in algorithm which attempts to keep up with rapid news releases and posts.

In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), the revelation about the huge monthly search volume is Twitter yet another indicator of why social media is important for your website or other web based business.


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