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Clip Art of "Your Online Reputation Might Be At Risk"With search engines now openly stating that social media and user-generated reviews play a significant role in how they rank websites, WebSight Design has begun managing the online reputations of several of our clients. From a general marketing standpoint, negative reviews can be detrimental to a company, regardless of where they are posted. As such, it is becoming ever more important to manage your online reputation.

Although there are now a number of sites in existence whose sole purpose is to tarnish websites reputations or run online smear campaigns, WebSight Design is now working towards the protection of your online reputation. In fact, we have been handling exactly such a case of smear tactic mitigation with one of our ongoing SEO clients, Tri State Restorations, who was attacked by an outside individual who held a personal vendetta against the otherwise upstanding and honorable commercial and residential damage cleanup company.

Online Reputation Management is the act of handling, addressing, or mitigating search engine results or mentions directed at a specific person, company, or website. Also known as Directory Management, this strategy covers a diverse number of activities which include, but are not limited to, tracking content written about the client, promoting positive remarks, and managing or demoting neutral or negative comments. In recent years, reputation management has come into wide use as Web 2.0 has created a huge arena for online reviews, both good and bad.

Tri State Restorations’ reputation management process involves following the entity’s dealings as they lead to reviewers’ opinions about those actions, then managing responses as necessary.

WebSight Design has recently been engaged in online reputation for this company as a means to protect them from attacks by any competitors or disgruntled individuals.


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