Wow Sally Horchow, That’s a Very Good Looking Site!

very good looking homepageWebsight Design is proud to unveil Sally Horchow’s (Beta). In our first official launch of a site using the Yii Framework, features a new level of flexibility and automation.

After many successful Zend powered sites, Yii allows our design team to make our services even more user and content creator friendly. Clients will now have the ability to access and edit site information more easily.

Very Good Looking (VGL) has been seamlessly integrated with a variety of 3rd party web-based applications. It has a fully functioning Facebook interface and a crystal clear Vimeo media player. In addition, the site has a built-in newsletter and VGL deals signup form which is powered by Constant Contact.

All these new features will certainly be great for Sally as she continues to build the best style video blog on the web. In fact, her new site will really blow your socks off (regardless of how stylish they are).

Sally is a lifestyle coach and expert who contributes to publications such as The Wall Street Journal, LA: The Los Angeles Times Magazine, and Town & Country. She is a  longtime customer of WSD and truly has a passion for what she does.


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