The Ocean Foundation: Supporting Those Who Protect Healthy Oceans


ocean foundation homepageWebsight Design’s helps The Ocean Foundation protect the world’s oceans though the launch of The site was designed to offer support to a community of organizations committed to protecting ocean environments from the trend of destructive behavior around the world. It is highly stylized and made to enhance the user experience.

With a creative photo slider and easy-to-use tabs, the new site offers a system for newsletter signup, donation collection, photo & video content uploading, and financial advisory toolkit sharing. WSD also conducted a professional search engine optimization (SEO) audit of the OceanFDN site. From this, an SEO framework has been implemented which will hopefully lead to further optimization of their site.

The OceanFDN site connects donors who care about the coasts and oceans with organizations looking for grants and other support. Their portfolio ranges from local to global projects and reaches across the U.S., and as far as Barcelona, Spain.

The Ocean Foundation not only facilitates project financing, but it also provides consulting and general advice to its organization partners. To accomodate this, WSD has designed an OceanFDN Blog and Virtual Newsroom on the website, so The Ocean Foundation can more effectively communicate with its fans and other community members.

These features will allow to continue to strive towards its organizational goal: “Tell Us What You Want To Do For The Ocean, We Will Take Care Of The Rest.”


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