A redesign for Trish Becker Jewelry

WebSight Design has just completed a revamp for trishbeckerjewelry.com.

Our longtime relationship with Trish Becker continues with this all-new website that perfectly matches her vision. The new design is clean and simple. It conjures up beach and ocean ““ her main inspiration. And like her creations, it is fresh and sun-kissed.

We did both a front-end visual redesign, as well as a back-end programming re-development. It was moved from an old ColdFusion codebase to our PHP environment.

The back-end we set up allows her to upload new products, add new categories, put items on sale, manage orders, update her “press” section, and receive customer comments through the contact form.

Not simply a standard e-commerce website, the features on the site are an excellent resource to secure the loyalty of clients and expedite shopping online.

Trish Becker wanted to group her products by category and then by style. So, for one type of product, several variations are suggested in terms of color, gemstone, etc. It is easier for users to find the product they want and see more products in one click! Customers also have the opportunity to customize their shopping cart.

A professional photographer was brought in to take all new pictures of her jewelry, which range from precious stone to cameo.

Though all of her creations can be bought on the website, shoppers can also find a list of the stores where the brand is sold.

Visit the website to learn more about this designer, her career and the work she is so passionate about.

“It’s wonderful to have people respond so enthusiastically to something I love doing.” ““Trish Becker


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