Website Redesign

Emporio Rulli is a renowned caffè, wine bar and pasticceria. Rulli has shops in Larkspur and San Francisco, California. with shops in Larkspur, CA. WebSight Designed (WSD) launched Rulli's redesigned website in Spring 2018.

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In February 2018, WebSight Design launched a newly designed website for Meat and Potatoes, a Los Angeles based designer providing world-class creative solutions.

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Website Redesign for Sausalito Community Boating Center

During the first week of 2018, WebSight Design launched a new website for Sausalito Community Boating Center's mission is to preserve a gathering place on Sausalito’s waterfront to engage and educate the public about our rich maritime history and small craft heritage through affordable direct experience.

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2017: The Year in Review

It’s been a wonderful 2017 at WebSight Design (WSD), our Digital Marketing, Development, and Graphic Design departments stayed very busy and on top of their industries. Here are our top ten highlights from 2017.

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NorCal Rize: Website Launch

Here is a shout out to a website WSD developed and launched in the Summer of 2016, NorCal RIZE, LLC. NorCal RIZE is a Girl's High School Lacrosse community exclusive to the Bay Area.

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Vaught & Boutris LLP: Website Redesign

Vaught & Boutris LLP is a boutique law firm with offices in Oakland and Walnut Creek. The firm provides services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Vaught & Boutris LLP specializes in trusts, estates, bankruptcy, tax, and business law.  WebSight Design (WSD) launched a new website for Vaught & Boutris LLP in November 2017.

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