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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update: What You Need to Know


This week, Google unveiled a real-time algorithm designed to favor mobile-friendly webpages. Here are 10 considerations to rank well with the world’s largest search engine.

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10 Twitter Tips


These 10 tweetable tips, sourced from HubSpot will help you gain more followers and increase engagement.

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5 Non-Profit Websites to Watch


In this study, we’ll take a look at three of WebSight Design’s clients (Planned Parenthood, Watering Hole Foundation, and The North Bay Children’s Center) plus, two more non-profits that are at the top of their league. These websites and web pages deliver distinct designs that support and communicate the dedicated missions of each organization.

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Secure SSL Certificates with VPS Hosting


As always, the hunt for mini tricks and tips to up one’s ranking in search engines is a center-point of topics buzzing about the internet. The most recent clue from Google to get an extra boost in priority, is to add a SSL certificate on your site. Google wants all website owners to make the […]

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Website Typography: Tips and Best Practices


Typography, the art and technique of arranging type, is a key component of a website’s mood and message. When considering typography, there are several important style elements that will accentuate your brand identity and make your website “pop.”

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5 Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is constantly evolving. Though it is important, it can still be hard for small businesses to keep up. We’ve compiled 5 approachable marketing tactics that every small business can benefit from.

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