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10 Twitter Tips


These 10 tweetable tips, sourced from HubSpot will help you gain more followers and increase engagement.

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5 Non-Profit Websites to Watch


In this study, we’ll take a look at three of WebSight Design’s clients (Planned Parenthood, Watering Hole Foundation, and The North Bay Children’s Center) plus, two more non-profits that are at the top of their league. These websites and web pages deliver distinct designs that support and communicate the dedicated missions of each organization.

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Secure SSL Certificates with VPS Hosting


As always, the hunt for mini tricks and tips to up one’s ranking in search engines is a center-point of topics buzzing about the internet. The most recent clue from Google to get an extra boost in priority, is to add a SSL certificate on your site. Google wants all website owners to make the […]

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Website Typography: Tips and Best Practices


Typography, the art and technique of arranging type, is a key component of a website’s mood and message. When considering typography, there are several important style elements that will accentuate your brand identity and make your website “pop.”

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5 Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is constantly evolving. Though it is important, it can still be hard for small businesses to keep up. We’ve compiled 5 approachable marketing tactics that every small business can benefit from.

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Next Level Microsoft: Goodbye Office & Exchange 2003

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 3.20.42 PM

It’s hard to believe that 2003 was over ten years ago. It’s even harder to believe that some people are still using software from over ten years ago. Microsoft 2003 users are in for a big change soon; and a BIG surprise if they haven’t been taking note of all of the chatter about Microsoft […]

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